Now and Then Vehicle Appraisals  

        Classic Car Appraisals, Diminished Values, Pre-Purchase Inspections, Insured Values

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With over 35 years of vehicle restoration, racing and custom vehicle building experience we offer you an appraisal service that you are sure to be comfortable with. We are certified appraisers through ASCAA (American Society of Certified Auto Appraisers) and specialize in Classics, Vintage and Collector vehicles providing stated or declared values, estate values, damage repair and pre-purchase inspections. We also offer modern day vehicle appraisals ranging from insurance damage claims to diminished value for purchase, loan or resale validation.

We offer pre-inspection's and appraisals of vehicles prior to purchase with on site representation for the buyer prior to he or she making an expensive and regretful purchase.

We also work with Insurance companies throughout East Tennessee for vehicle claims adjusting due to accidents, theft, storm damage and much more.